Disk Drive RAID Configuration Tool

This is to give you an idea of what your RAID performance might be based on the drive characteristics and other factors. Don't bet the job on this tool. It is an estmate based on a limited amount of information.

  1. Read and Write Cache Hit Ratios are subjective. The tool doesn't know your cache size so if you set write cache to 100% your numbers will be way off. Start at zero, better a little low than way to high.
    Testing on a P411 and P800 from HP with 512MB cache on the card setting the cache to 100% writes was comprable to setting the tool to 43% write cache hit using SQLIO to do the testing.
  2. If you don't choose a disk you can enter your own disk parameters. If you choose a disk and want to then modify the numbers set it back to Choose Disk and you can edit the fields again.
  3. Disks currently in the list are as correct as I can make them. Some drives have estimates where the data is incomplete.

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